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About us

FutureTracker is an all-in-one sustainability solution. We combine our user-friendly platform, passionate experts, and best-practice sustainability to provide a tailored solution for your business.
Our Vision
To ignite systemic change by empowering organisations and individuals to succeed and contribute to a better world. We are dedicated to protecting life on Earth, enhancing society and the economy, and fostering a sustainable, fair, and prosperous future.
Our Mission
To ensure that businesses have the right tools and support at the right time, tailored to their maturity, industry, and specific needs, to support their sustainable development and drive overall business success.
Our Values
We uphold the highest standards of integrity, ensuring our solutions are straight-forward and effective.
Our actions and advice are always rooted in truth and ethical practices.
We believe in the power of working together, both internally and with our clients, to achieve the best outcomes.
We are committed to ongoing education and improvement, and evolving with new sustainability developments.

Meet our core team

With a rapidly growing team of passionate experts based across the world, we are able to help organisations of any sector, size, or location to lead uniquely impactful sustainability journeys.

Team Marc Laine
Marc Laine
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Team Fred Betley
Fred Betley
Managing Director
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Team Michaela Byrom
Dr. Michaela Byrom
Sustainability Analyst
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Team Sylvie Laine
Sylvie Laine
Creative Lead
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Team Nathan McOwen
Nathan McOwen
Digital Lead / Data Protection Officer
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Team Marta Toborek
Marta Toborek
Sustainability Analyst
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