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FutureTracker is a product created by ESI Monitor. ESI Monitor offers award-winning corporate sustainability solutions and is a trusted partner for organisations managing the risks and opportunities presented by climate change.

Our values

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We value sustainability, education, communication, science, and innovation.

Our mission

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Meet our team

With a rapidly growing team of passionate experts based across the world, we are able to help organisations of any sector, size, or location to lead uniquely impactful sustainability journeys.

Team Marc Laine
Marc Laine
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Team Fred Betley
Fred Betley
Managing Director
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Team Michaela Byrom
Michaela Byrom
Sustainability Analyst
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Team Sylvie Laine
Sylvie Laine
Creative Lead
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Team Nathan McOwen
Nathan McOwen
Digital Lead
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Team Mohit Chaudhary
Mohit Chaudhary
Chief Technology Officer / Data Protection Officer
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Team Marta Toborek
Marta Toborek
Sustainability Analyst
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