Expert sustainability at your fingertips.

Industry-leading sustainability tools giving you the means to expertly measure, manage, understand, report, and reduce your emissions.
Organisational sustainability is complex, but the right software makes it simple.

Designed with you in mind

We take the complexity and pain out of sustainability, so you can focus on what really matters: making an impact.

An informed approach

The business landscape is full of failed sustainability initiatives. We did the research on what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to.

Trusted globally

FutureTracker is used by both small businesses and multinational companies across 21 jurisdictions.

Trusted by organisations of all sizes, sectors, and locations.

Our clients use FutureTracker to embed sustainability into their organisations' DNA, and to make positive, meaningful, and long-lasting changes for a better future.
"made it easy for our staff to start planning our transition to a low carbon economy"
Client Kaizen Reporting
"created ownership, pride, competition, desire for behaviour change, and enhanced team spirit"
Client Kaizen Reporting
"The bottom up approach is providing our staff with skills that they need to succeed as future leaders"
Client Kaizen Reporting
"provided us with an evidence-based framework that is transparent and cost-effective"
Client Kaizen Reporting

How it works

Our structured sustainability journey is designed to maximise user experience and lead to impactful results.

Sign up!

Sign up and get assigned your very own sustainability expert who will teach you how to use the platform and give advice every step of the way!

Measure emissions

Use our fully-guided measurement tool to calculate emissions from your organisation’s activities.

Review footprint

Gain a crystal-clear understanding of where your emissions come from and how they compare to others' in your industry with your detailed footprint report.

Set targets

Commit to targets that work for you. Whether you're ready to go for net-zero or simply want to start small, setting targets will give you a destination to aim for.

Plan actions

Use our extensive library of data-driven sustainability initiatives to create step-by-step emission reduction plans.

Keep going!

Carry out your action plans then re-measure your footprint to see the results.

So let's get started.

What is FutureTracker?
FutureTracker is a software as a service (SaaS) that provides organisations of any sector or size with industry-leading, impactful, expert sustainability tools.

The platform gives you the means to expertly measure, manage, understand, report, and reduce your emissions without the need for external consultants or an advanced in-house sustainability team.
Where are you based?
Our staff are based across the UK, the Channel Islands, and Australia, but work with clients from all across the globe!

Wherever you are, FutureTracker can help you kickstart your sustainability journey.
Why should I use FutureTracker?
If you’re here, then you’re probably well aware of the changing business landscape and how sustainability is quickly becoming a priority for all stakeholders. You may also be feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to get this whole sustainability thing started, or maybe you’ve made a good start on sustainability and are looking to boost your success.

However you’re feeling, FutureTrack can help.

We take the complexity and pain out of sustainability. FutureTracker engages, educates, and empowers our clients’ staff in the day-to-day work of measuring and reducing their footprints. The result is that our customers progress through their sustainability journeys quicker and more effectively with us than with other solutions, and nurture the skills and behaviours within their team to support long-term change.

Our solution is assessable, educational, price-efficient, and flexible. Whatever you need, our advanced platform and inhouse experts can provide it.
Our pricing model is based on the size of your organisation, the depth of emissions you wish to measure, and how much extra help you might want throughout the process.

You can get in contact with us for an informal, no obligations chat, where we can gather the information we need to provide you with pricing estimates.
Can you help me comply with regulations/standards?

FutureTracker's measurement methodology is consistent with the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 guidelines, meaning your data is report and disclosure-ready.

If you need any extra help with complying to your nation or industry's regulations, our experts are more than equipped to assist.
Is it FutureTracker or FutureTrack?
We recently changed the name of our platform from FutureTrack to FutureTracker. So, if you see references to FutureTrack online, don't worry, it's still us!

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