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Empower your business with comprehensive sustainability reporting

Unlock the full potential of your sustainability efforts with our tailored GRI reporting services, guiding you from materiality assessment to publication.
Drive success, manage change, enhance decisions
Sustainability reporting makes abstract issues tangible and concrete, guiding the development of related strategies and activities. It helps set goals, measure performance, and manage change, inspiring accountability and identifying risks.

How it works

Our streamlined process ensures that your sustainability reporting is thorough, transparent, and aligned with industry best practices.


Our experts learn about your business, its goals, and drivers, then create a customised workplan outlining the timeframe, support, and expected outcomes.

Sustainability Journey Mapper

Gain access to a detailed chart outlining deadlines and objectives for your sustainability plan. This roadmap helps track progress and guide strategic actions.

Materiality Assessment

Conduct a thorough analysis to identify your company's most significant actual and potential impacts. This analysis will also compare your current sustainability practices with those of high-performing companies in the same sector. The resulting report will outline these impacts and highlight any gaps in your sustainability practices.

Determine Material Topics

After completing the Gap & Impact Report from the Materiality Assessment, we will conduct a workshop with you to prioritise the most significant impacts and determine what sustainability areas to focus on.

Sustainability Report

We will compile a detailed report that covers all material sustainability topics identified in the previous steps. This report will break down key impacts, benchmark your performance against competitors, and provide targeted recommendations for mitigation and next steps.

Notify GRI and Publish Statement

We notify the GRI on your behalf with your Materiality Assessment findings and the materiality topics you have identified. This outcome varies depending on whether you are reporting in reference or in accordance with the GRI.
GRI Reporting Options: You can choose to report "in reference to" GRI Standards for a flexible approach that covers selected material topics, or "in accordance with" GRI Standards for a comprehensive report that meets all GRI requirements. Both options enhance transparency and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

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