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Understanding the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project): A Guide for Businesses

Learn about the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and how FutureTracker can simplify and enhance your organisation's journey towards effective environmental disclosure.
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TL;DR: The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a global platform for environmental impact disclosure, driving transparency and action towards a sustainable economy. FutureTracker, a sustainability platform, simplifies the CDP reporting process, providing tools for easy emission measurement, actionable sustainability initiatives, setting sustainability goals, transparency within the organisation, expert guidance, and integrated reporting.

What is the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)?

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), established in 2000, is a not-for-profit charity operating a global disclosure system for companies, cities, states, and regions to manage and report their environmental impact data. The CDP's primary goal is to make environmental reporting and risk management a business norm, driving disclosure, insight, and action towards a sustainable economy.

Every year, the CDP sends out questionnaires to businesses and governments around the world, asking them to disclose their environmental impact, particularly in terms of carbon emissions. It covers three areas – climate change, water security, and deforestation. The responses are then used to compile a comprehensive database of self-reported environmental data, which is made available to the public.

CDP’s scoring methodology provides a detailed roadmap for companies to measure and manage their environmental impacts. Companies that disclose their environmental impact through CDP demonstrate transparency and commitment to sustainable practices, potentially attracting investors and consumers interested in environmental responsibility.

How Can FutureTracker Assist Businesses with CDP Reporting?

With the increasing importance of CDP reporting, businesses require effective tools to gather, analyse, and disclose environmental data accurately. This is where FutureTracker comes into play.

FutureTracker, a robust sustainability platform, is designed to empower organisations in their sustainability journey and, by extension, their CDP reporting process. Here's how:

Simplified Emissions Measurement:

FutureTracker's interactive tools enable businesses to measure their emissions with ease. The platform provides a detailed, intuitive guide to collecting the necessary data and generating an instant footprint estimation.

Actionable Sustainability Initiatives:

FutureTracker provides access to a library of sustainability initiatives designed to help organisations reduce their emissions and contribute to a sustainable future, which are actions CDP reporting requires and rewards.

Customised Sustainability Goals:

Businesses can set and commit to sustainability goals aligned with global standards, including the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, through FutureTracker. Such alignment can enhance a company's CDP disclosure.

Transparency and Engagement:

FutureTracker facilitates transparency and engagement in sustainability efforts within the organisation. By embedding sustainability into an organisation’s culture, FutureTracker ensures a coordinated and transparent approach to sustainability, something CDP disclosures appreciate.

Expert Guidance:

FutureTracker assigns a sustainability expert to each subscriber. These experts provide tailored advice and support to enhance the sustainability journey, including CDP support if required.

By leveraging FutureTracker, businesses can effectively navigate the CDP disclosure process, better manage their environmental impact, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability to stakeholders globally. Ultimately, FutureTracker makes the transition to a sustainable future and compliance with CDP reporting not just attainable, but also manageable and rewarding.

Why not book a no-strings-attached consultation with us where we can find the best solution for your business.

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