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Channel Island Partnership to Monitor Global Environmental Sustainability

ESI Monitor has teamed up with True ESG to deliver sustainability solutions across the Channel Islands.

Environmental & Social Impact Monitor (ESI Monitor) is delighted to announce the appointment of True Limited as our exclusive partner in Jersey.

ESI Monitor is dedicated to facilitating and rewarding environmental sustainability within the business sector across multiple countries and jurisdictions around the world. Through their proprietary technology ESI provide businesses simple but effective tools to begin their sustainable journey. The company have staff based in London, Brisbane, Guernsey and Alderney with around sixty clients worldwide including four major legal and accountancy corporates in Jersey already.

Michelle Ryan will be heading up activity in Jersey. With an 18 year career in Private Banking, both in Jersey and London, Michelle has gained significant technical expertise as well as a comprehensive network of industry connections. She brings this experience to her role as Commercial Director of True, focussing on enabling clients to access and interpret comprehensive information on their businesses and investments to enable their sustainable ambitions.

Marc Laine the founder of ESI Monitor said “as the Channel Islands aspire to protect and enhance their economies and international reputations by developing expertise in the green economy and green finance, it will be a prerequisite for island businesses to develop their operational green performance credentials and develop tools to service new opportunities such as green finance.  We are clear that to earn a slice of the fifty trillion green finance opportunity over the next five years, jurisdictions and the companies participating will need to develop evidenced environmental credentials based on measurement, minimisation, management, benchmarking and disclosure of environmental impact”.

True Limited are a perfect partner for ESI Monitor as they have developed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)  reporting tools for investors and are committed to enhancing ESG performance for both investors and businesses alike.  

James Painter said “Net zero carbon by 2030 is a commendable target for Jersey and local businesses will need to play a major role in its achievement. I am delighted that this relationship with ESI provides us with the opportunity to work with all Jersey’s businesses to assist them in doing their part to achieve the 2030 net zero ambition”.

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