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ESI Monitor and KPMG in the Crown Dependencies announce ‘FutureTracker’ sustainability solution through alliance

We're so excited to tell you about our new alliance with KPMG! Read all about it below.

ESI Monitor is pleased to announce they have entered into an alliance with KPMG in the Crown Dependencies to provide sustainability consulting and ESG reporting services with the ‘FutureTracker’ platform. This brings the financial reporting skills and sustainability transformation advisory capability of KPMG together with the sustainability specialist digital products of ESI Monitor.

FutureTracker is a digital sustainability management solution that guides clients through the process for measuring their carbon footprint. The software complies with the Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) Protocol, with integral calculators, workflow management and supporting documentation storage to make the process as simple as possible. The solution also has functionality allowing clients to create roadmaps to plot and track progress towards their goals, whilst benchmarking each element of their footprint to peers. ESI Monitor has already supported over 100 international and local businesses in developing personalised, structured sustainability programmes with its world-leading digital sustainability solutions.

KPMG will work with local businesses to implement the software, to include assistance with assessing current processes for data collection, designing improved processes, suggesting credible ways to make improvements and interpreting the results to have a significant but cost-effective impact on their carbon footprint. This is a further expansion of the firm’s ESG solutions. For many businesses, groups, portfolios and funds, to avoid the accusation of ‘greenwashing’ it is ever more important to robustly calculate your environmental impact and be confident when it is publicly disclosed. KPMG have invested in environmental specialists and the creation of local data sets to remove the need for employing high demand specialist resource together with industry insight at a lower cost.

Simon Nicholas, Partner and Regional Head of ESG and Sustainability at KPMG, said,

“We are delighted to be working with ESI Monitor on this forward-thinking initiative. FutureTracker is an innovative sustainability management solution that will serve to empower our clients with data and insights, provide boards and stakeholders with confidence in the metrics and allow businesses with resources to manage and track their impact on our island communities.”

Marc Laine, founder of ESI Monitor, said,

“This is an incredibly exciting step for ESI Monitor – working with KPMG to bring FutureTracker to clients in the Crown Dependencies and beyond. It’s a privilege to be working with KPMG – given their strength in advisory and ESG. We look forward to the growth and product development this relationship will provide”.

Learn more about FutureTracker.

Learn more about KPMG in the Crown Dependencies.

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