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ESI Monitor’s Sylvie Laine Qualifies as a Carbon Footprint Analyst

The ESI Monitor team adds another qualification to its list as Sylvie Laine achieves certification in carbon footprint assessment.

Brisbane based ESI Monitor consultant Sylvie Laine has recently qualified as a Carbon Footprint Analyst, demonstrating professional competency in conducting carbon footprint assessments in accordance with the GHG Protocol.

After graduating from Griffith University with multiple academic awards in 2020, Sylvie joined ESI Monitor as an environmental consultant and graphic designer. Her recent qualification as a Carbon Footprint Analyst means she is now able to guide businesses through the process of a carbon audit to the highest international standards, provide them with detailed insights into their environmental impact, and help them to track their emissions and set targets for reduction.

Marc Laine, Founder of ESI Monitor, said “Sylvie has become an important part of the team and is dedicated to sustainability. We were delighted, but not surprised with Sylvie’s 94% pass rate on the IEMA carbon footprint analyst exam. Sylvie’s skills in supporting our clients’ measurement of emissions to the highest international standards underlines our reputation as a force for good in the world of business sustainability, standards, advice, and consultancy.”

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