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FutureTracker Case Study: Oak Group

Learn about the great work Oak Group has done with the help of FutureTracker.
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TL;DR: Using FutureTracker, Oak Group successfully established a baseline carbon footprint for 2021 across their global offices. The platform facilitated enhanced sustainability coordination and improved internal culture, and paved the way for a detailed carbon reduction plan. FutureTracker has proven instrumental in Oak Group's ongoing sustainability journey.

Oak Group subscribed to FutureTracker as part of ongoing sustainability efforts as a purpose-led financial services business committed to sustainable business practices such as carbon footprint reduction, environmental responsibility, and ethical business practices.

Oak worked with FutureTracker to produce their first baseline carbon footprint for 2021, covering the business’s five global offices in Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Mauritius, and Luxembourg. The footprint included all direct emissions from Oak’s sites and indirect energy usage, as well as material scope 3 emissions for purchased goods and services, waste, business travel and staff commuting.

As a multi-jurisdictional business serving clients worldwide, Oak have found FutureTracker extremely helpful for co-ordinating their sustainability across multiple jurisdictions. The platform has also allowed for effective collaboration and communication amongst Oak’s offices, further driving a unified approach to environmental sustainability. Additionally, FutureTracker has empowered Oak's staff with valuable skills in sustainability, carbon footprinting, and emissions reduction. The upskilling and education of staff has had the effect of heightening their engagement and interest in the company’s green future, and helped to create a culture of sustainability within the organisation. The generation of future footprints, and associated data collection will contribute further to improving both office efficiency, and the on-going internal culture of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

James Tracey, Head of Sustainability at Oak Group, said:

“Using FutureTracker has been a transformative experience for us at Oak. With an intricate analysis of our carbon footprint across our jurisdictions, they've enabled us to understand our environmental impact at a granular level. Their detailed review of Scope 1, 2, and selective Scope 3 emissions has illuminated potential improvement areas and guided us in shaping our sustainability journey. More importantly, it has made sustainability a topic of conversation, spurring staff involvement and fostering a culture of environmental awareness."

Based on the insights from FutureTracker, Oak has embarked on a comprehensive programme to produce a carbon reduction plan with FutureTracker support. The detailed carbon footprint has also enabled Oak to work with Durrell’s Rewild Carbon programme. This has involved balancing all Oak’s emissions across all offices through the Durrell’s scheme, and has recently been scaled up and rolled out to individual staff members to enable them to voluntarily balance their personal emissions. Durrell also has direct involvement in localised conservation activities in many of the communities that Oak is sited in.

Having harnessed the power of FutureTracker to amplify their existing commitment to environmental responsibility and ethical business practices, Oak Group is now setting its sights on aligning with the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact. This globally recognised initiative provides a comprehensive framework focusing on human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption principles. It serves as a blueprint for businesses like Oak, who are dedicated to embracing sustainability and ethical practices as cornerstones of their corporate identity, and continuing this journey with FutureTracker.

We hope Oak Group's story inspires you to consider the possibilities for your own business. As we've seen, FutureTracker can provide invaluable insights into your environmental impact, foster a culture of sustainability, and guide you in creating a comprehensive carbon reduction plan. The journey to a more sustainable business model can be complex, but with FutureTracker by your side, you won't have to navigate it alone. Why not book a no-strings-attached consultation with us where we can find the best solution for your business.

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