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FutureTracker release work from home emissions calculator

The calculator can be used to instantly measure the homeworking emissions of both full and part-time staff.

The pandemic brought on a remote work revolution, with a large proportion of employees now spending at least part of the week working from the comfort of their own homes. Interestingly, the emissions resulting from these workers should still be accounted for in your carbon footprint, and their impact may be greater than you think.

While working from home certainly reduces emissions from employee transportation, these emissions may be replaced by the energy used to heat or cool your employees’ homes and power their computer equipment. Furthermore, if your commercial facility’s lighting and HVAC capacity is still running at 100% when occupancy is low, any emission reductions will likely be cancelled out. These issues make it crucial to measure emissions from homeworking in your carbon footprint, and FutureTracker now allows you to do just that! Using this knowledge, you can learn to implement a working from home system that works for both your employees and the environment.


What the calculator does

Our homeworking emissions calculator is included in our Scope 3 footprint measurement module, within Category 7.

The calculator can be used to instantly measure the footprints of both full and part-time staff across usage of laptops, PCs, and monitors; fuel heating, which allows the option for both natural gas and burning oil; electric heating for staff with electric boilers; and cooling using air conditioning.

Like all of FutureTracker’s calculators, our homeworking emissions calculator is easy to use and provides instant results!

Discover the potential of FutureTracker's work from home emissions calculator and learn more about our sustainability solution through our free, no-strings-attached demo.
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