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FutureTracker's New Fully-Customisable Sustainability Plan

FutureTracker's new fully-customisable plan lets you build the perfect sustainability strategy for your business.
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TLDR: FutureTracker introduces a fully-customisable sustainability plan tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, offering flexibility, scalability, and a wide range of features. Starting at £50 per month, businesses can build their custom plans to address every aspect of their sustainability journey.

Sustainability solutions need to be the right fit. Whether your company is just starting out or enhancing existing efforts, sustainability solutions must meet your unique needs and grow alongside you. That’s why we’re excited to reveal our new fully-customisable sustainability plan. This plan allows you to choose from all the features available in our other plans, plus a wide array of additional options, creating a bespoke path to sustainable success that is uniquely yours.

Tailored for Every Business

Every business operates in a unique context with its own challenges and opportunities, making flexibility and scalability key to effective sustainability solutions. A one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work. By allowing businesses to select the features and services that best meet their needs, FutureTracker’s fully-customisable sustainability plan ensures that sustainability efforts are effective, manageable, and can grow with you, adapting to new challenges and opportunities.

A Comprehensive Range of Tools and Services

Starting from just £50 per month, our fully-customisable sustainability plan offers an extensive selection of features, ensuring you have all the tools and support necessary for your sustainability efforts.

With this plan, you can address every aspect of your sustainability needs, from carbon footprinting and basic initiatives to sustainability reporting and policy development. Whether you need guidance on specific sustainability actions or a complete sustainability journey mapping, FutureTracker has you covered.

Choose from 30+ vital tools and services, including:

  • Scope 1 & 2 footprint measurement
  • Scope 3 footprint measurement
  • Tailored footprint report
  • Expert recommendations
  • Detailed work plans
  • Sustainability workshops
  • GRI materiality assessment
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Policy builder
  • Sustainability journey mapper
  • Verification

For the full range of tools and services, please visit our pricing page.

Start Building Your Custom Plan Today

To learn more about how our fully-customisable sustainability plan can benefit your business, visit our pricing page. Here, you can start building your own custom plan and explore the various features and services that can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Take a step towards a sustainable future with FutureTracker today.

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