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How UK Businesses Can Switch to Low-Carbon Energy Suppliers

Embracing change, one kilowatt at a time!
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TLDR: UK businesses are stepping up to reduce their carbon footprint by switching to low-carbon energy suppliers. This move not only aids in combating climate change but also positions these businesses as sustainability leaders. The transition involves understanding the carbon intensity of different energy sources, comparing suppliers, and carefully planning the switch to ensure minimal operational disruption, ultimately making a tangible impact on environmental sustainability.

UK businesses are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and one effective strategy lies in the energy that powers daily operations. This article delves into the significance of choosing low-carbon energy suppliers, outlining a clear path for businesses ready to make a sustainable shift.

Understanding Carbon Intensity

Not all energy is created equal. Carbon intensity refers to the amount of carbon dioxide (in CO2 emissions) released per unit of electricity generated, and it can vary greatly depending on your supplier. Energy that is created using fossil fuels has a high carbon intensity compared to renewable energy that has a very low carbon intensity. This means that, while using the same amount of electricity, you could be having a very different impact on the environment.

For businesses aiming to enhance their sustainability practices, choosing an energy supplier with lower carbon intensity means actively contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Comparing Carbon Intensity Between UK Suppliers

Identifying the right low-carbon energy supplier involves scrutinising their fuel mix and carbon intensity. Most energy suppliers will publish this information on their website.

Below is a table comparing the average carbon intensity in 2023 for various UK energy suppliers.

Average carbon intensity by energy supplier - 2023

Energy Supplier Carbon Intensity
Supplier CO2 g/kWh
Scottish Power 308
Boost 205
OVO Energy 205
UK Average 199
British Gas 116
EFD Energy 87
E.ON Next 0
Ecotricity 0
Good Energy 0
Green Energy UK 0
London Power 0
Octopus Energy 0
Outfox the Market 0
Sainsbury Energy 0
Shell Energy 0

Source: Electricity Info

Making the Switch: Step-by-Step

Assess Your Current Contract: Understand the terms, notice periods, and any potential exit fees.

Conduct Research: Utilise tools and resources to compare the carbon intensity and sustainability practices of potential suppliers.

Request Quotes: Contact several suppliers to discuss your needs and obtain quotes. Be clear about your sustainability goals and preferences for renewable energy sources.

Evaluate Offers: Beyond price, consider the supplier's environmental impact, customer service reputation, and additional sustainability initiatives.

Make the Decision: Choose the supplier that best aligns with your environmental and business objectives.

Seamless Transition: Work with your new supplier to ensure a smooth switch, minimising any disruption to your operations.

Switching to low-carbon energy suppliers is a great start, but true sustainability transformation requires a deeper commitment. That's where FutureTracker comes in. With our expert-driven platform, we make the path to sustainability clear and achievable. By partnering with FutureTracker, you can do more than just change your energy source; you can revolutionise the very foundation of your business operations towards a sustainable future.

If you’d like to learn about how FutureTracker can help your business, book a demo here.

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