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Our structured sustainability journey is designed to maximise user experience and lead to impactful results.

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After you’ve signed up, your assigned sustainability expert will arrange a meeting to get to know you, your team, how your business works, and what your goals are. This will enable them to give advice tailored to your needs throughout your sustainability journey.
You will also receive your “FutureTrackers” branding kit, which you can use to showcase and communicate your new commitment to sustainability across your website, social media, and to your stakeholders.

Measure emissions

Your journey begins with understanding your carbon footprint. A dedicated sustainability expert from FutureTracker will teach you everything you need to know about the footprinting process, including what data needs to be collected and how to collect it.
Then it’s time to dive into FutureTracker’s measurement module to receive an instant footprint estimation. The module facilitates efficient data submission and is paired with comprehensive guidance, including videos and documents, to facilitate each step.

Review footprint

Gain a crystal-clear understanding of where your emissions come from and how they compare to others in your industry with your detailed footprint report.
Our experts carefully review your submitted data before generating your report. Thanks to this, your emissions data is GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 quality.

Your footprint report contains a full breakdown of your emissions as well as useful graphics and charts that help to put them into perspective, including benchmarking against industry competitors. A follow-up discussion with your expert will clarify the findings and outline next steps.

Policies and commitments

Once you have a clear understanding of your carbon footprint, we’ll help you craft a forward-looking policies and commitments. FutureTracker demystifies complex sustainability concepts, such as Net-Zero and SBTi, tailoring them to your organisational needs.
Through our policies and commitments module, you'll be able to craft detailed policy documents, align with external standards, and set comprehensive sustainability targets, encompassing areas from net-zero and climate change to employee wellbeing, equity, and resource efficiency.

Initiatives and emissions reduction

After gaining an understanding of both where your sustainability is now and where you want it to be in the future, it’s time to work towards achieving those goals.
In a targeted workshop, your expert will help you identify key areas from your footprint and determine your highest priority actions.  This will aid in choosing the most impactful sustainability initiatives. Our action planning module gives you access to a wide range of expert-made initiatives for reducing emissions. FutureTracker guides you in planning these actions, assigning tasks to your team, and monitoring progress.

Transition plan

Based on your progress, FutureTracker will help you develop a 2-5 year sustainability transition plan, encompassing both ongoing and new sustainability objectives.
Your expert will facilitate a workshop to help align this plan with your organisation's long-term goals and support you in outlining a clear, actionable plan, categorising tasks, setting timelines, assigning responsibilities, and integrating other key organisational deliverables.

Sustainability report

At the end of your 12-month journey, you'll receive a detailed Sustainability Report from FutureTracker.
The report includes an overview of your carbon footprint, the policies and commitments you’ve set, a summary of sustainability initiatives undertaken, and the details of your transition plan, including milestones and KPIs. This report not only reflects your achievements but also serves as a valuable tool for continuous improvement and stakeholder engagement.

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