How it works

Your sustainability journey starts here.

Our structured sustainability journey is designed to maximise user experience and lead to impactful results.

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Sign up and get assigned your very own sustainability expert who will teach you how to use the platform and give advice every step of the way!
After you’ve signed up, your assigned sustainability expert will arrange a meeting to get to know you, your team, how your business works, and what your goals are. This will enable them to give advice tailored to your needs throughout your sustainability journey.

You will also receive your “FutureTrackers” branding kit, which you can use to showcase and communicate your new commitment to sustainability across your website, social media, and to your stakeholders.

Measure emissions

Use our fully guided measurement tool to calculate emissions from your organisation’s activities.
FutureTracker’s measurement tool shows you what kind of data needs to be collected and how to collect it. All that’s left to do after that is input the data and receive an instant footprint estimation.

Review footprint

Gain a crystal-clear understanding of where your emissions come from and how they compare to others in your industry with your detailed footprint report.
Our experts carefully review your submitted data to make sure your footprint is 100% accurate before generating your report. Thanks to this, your emissions data is GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 quality, meaning its ready to report or disclose if that’s part of your strategy.

Your footprint report contains a full breakdown of your emissions as well as useful graphics and charts that help to put them into perspective, including benchmarking against industry competitors. If your organisation has multiple locations, your report will also show you how each location compares both in terms of their actual emissions and their emissions standardised per employee.

Targets and policies

Commit to targets that work for you, whether you're ready to go for net-zero or simply want to start small, and craft sophisticated policy documents.
FutureTracker’s targets and commitments module gives you the opportunity to reflect on the future of your business and how you want to improve your sustainability. This can take the form of setting specific time-based goals for emissions reduction, committing to measure more aspects of your footprint, aligning to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, or crafting a sustainability policy.

Plan actions

Use our extensive library of data-driven sustainability initiatives to create step-by-step emission reduction plans.
After gaining an understanding of both where your sustainability is now and where you want it to be in the future, it’s time to work towards achieving those goals!

Our sustainability initiatives tool gives you access to an extensive library of initiatives that will help you to reduce your emissions. Each initiative was crafted by an expert and includes detailed explanations of what is required in order to carry it out. The tool also allows you to plan out your next steps in detail, assign tasks to colleagues, and set deadlines for initiative completion.

Keep going!

Carry out your action plans then re-measure your footprint to see the results.
Your sustainability journey doesn’t stop here, it’s time to re-measure, evaluate your progress, set new targets, and plan new sustainability initiatives!

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