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FutureTracker's New Sustainability Policy Builder Tool

Dive into sustainability without the guesswork! Our Policy Builder offers a guided, effective approach to policy creation.
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TLDR: Introducing the FutureTracker Policy Builder: An innovative tool designed to streamline the creation of tailored sustainability policies for your organisation. With expert-backed features and an intuitive interface, this tool simplifies the policy-making process, ensuring effective and robust policies while saving time and resources. Perfect for any organisation aiming to integrate sustainable practices at the core of their business strategy.

At FutureTracker, we are excited to release our new Policy Builder tool, a revolutionary addition to our sustainability management platform. The tool is designed to streamline the creation of robust sustainability policies tailored to your organisation's unique needs and goals.

What is the Policy Builder?

FutureTracker's Policy Builder is an intuitive platform that allows organisations to craft comprehensive sustainability policies across various operational aspects. Whether your focus is on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting sustainable procurement, or safeguarding human rights, this tool ensures your policies are robust, actionable, and effective.

Key Features of the Policy Builder

Diverse policy options: Users can choose from a variety of policy documents to create, including:

  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Business Travel Sustainability
  • Human Rights
  • Fleet Management
  • Office Construction Sustainability
  • Climate Change and Offsetting
  • Energy and Building Efficiency
  • Employee Commuting Sustainability

Expertise and Research-Driven Design: The FutureTracker Policy Builder is built on the expertise of sustainability professionals and grounded in extensive research. Developed by experts with years of experience, the tool incorporates industry-specific best practices and regulatory insights. This ensures that the policies you create are not only robust and compliant but also reflect the latest trends and forward-thinking strategies in sustainability.

Interactive creation process: By responding to a series of statements and questions, users can shape their policies to reflect their sustainability intentions and operations. Each affirmative response weaves a new statement into the policy document, ensuring that each policy is a clear reflection of your commitments.

Dynamic management and submission: The tool not only assists in drafting the policies but also guides the user to manage the document. This includes setting approval processes, accountability measures, and reviewing timelines, culminating in a draft document that can be reviewed and finalised.

Why Use the FutureTracker Policy Builder?

Streamlined Efficiency

The Policy Builder is designed for efficiency, significantly reducing the time it takes to develop and implement effective sustainability policies. By automating many of the tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with policy creation, organisations can focus more on strategic decisions rather than administrative burdens.

Ease of Use and Effectiveness

The user-friendly interface and structured process make it easy for any organisation to create policies that are genuinely impactful in driving sustainable practices. This accessibility makes it possible for a broader range of stakeholders within an organisation to contribute to the sustainability initiatives.

Tailored Sustainability Journeys

Each policy created with the Policy Builder is not just a document but a step towards embedding sustainable practices into the core of your business strategy. The tool’s flexibility and breadth ensure that it can meet the needs of any organisation, regardless of size or sector.

Expert Guidance

Like all FutureTracker tools, the Policy Builder is supported by sustainability experts who bring years of experience and insight into the creation of each policy, ensuring that your sustainability efforts are both effective and informed.

The FutureTracker Policy Builder tool is more than just a software solution; it is a strategic partner in your sustainability journey. By allowing you to craft customised policies that reflect your organisational goals and the realities of your operational environment, the Policy Builder tool empowers your business to make real, lasting changes towards sustainability.

If you’d like to learn more about our new Policy Builder, get in touch with as at or book a demo here.

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